The Waiting Game

Hellooo pals!

It’s about time for an update, and there is a TON going on right now.

As you may or may not know, I currently work two jobs, which pretty much blows. BUT I have been able to keep myself motivated with my artwork. Probably in large part because I want that to be my job, not this two job bs!

Exciting new things:

I purchased a canopy tent and booth setup, and am going to be applying to sell at art fairs being held in the area!

I’ve also gotten my studio cleaned out and setup as the stage for my YouTube show, teaching art like Bob Ross, but badass 😎


Potentially exciting things:

I applied for grad school and am now in the excruciating waiting for things to happen phase.  It’s incredibly nerve racking to know that my potential future will be decided mainly by a 500 word essay and some pictures of my artwork. And maybe a super awkward interview 😖

I am also waiting on three gallery shows that I’ve entered to let me know if they’ve chosen my work.

Wish me luck!!

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