March – Disappointment Month

Hey all!

Well, I was super pumped at the prospect of getting into an awesome grad school this year, but after receiving rejection letters from all of them this month, I guess I’ve got to make a new plan til next time.

Luckily, I have still had luck with my artwork being in local shows. Thanks everyone who was able to make it out to Venus Rising – an all women exhibition!

Also, stay tuned for my next show, as I will be part of this year’s CCS Alumni Exhibition!


This is month has shown me more rejection, depression, and stress than I’ve experienced in a while, but I am still hopeful!  Still doing my thing and hopefully working on more art.

My immediate goal is to find an awesome full time job, instead of working two that don’t pay enough, so that I can devote more time to developing my body of work even further.   I am incredibly thankful to those of you who have kept me in mind and have been sending me possible leads for new jobs.

Something has got to work out soon! Right?!

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